Oct. 18, 2022 Email

The time for inaction has passed


We are just 48 hours away from the kickoff our our two-night FlashPoint LIVE finale for 2022! Still considering joining us live? We’d love to have you with us! You can still register today to join us, and all seats are FREE!


Can’t be with us in person? We still have you covered. We’ll be airing both nights on VICTORY Channel. We go LIVE at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT.


Whichever way you plan on participating, the entire FlashPoint team is both and  praying and preparing for YOU.  


Tonight’s program is jampacked as well! I welcome Lance Wallnau, Hank Kunneman and Mario Murillo along with Pastor Rob McCoy and John Graves. 

With mere weeks away from the coming midterm elections, I want to discuss recent polls illustrating what issues are at the forefront in voters’ minds.

Also—while we’ve talked about it before—it is increasingly important for each one of us to get involved and make sure we are being responsible to make our voices heard.  Who better than John Graves from Million Voices to join us in that discussion!

Be sure to tune in tonight wherever you catch FlashPoint—8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT—and be part of the discussion!

Last week’s program on Thursday was so informative and powerful with guests Pastor Gary Keesee, Carla Sands, Kathy Barnette and David Lykken. I highly encourage you take some time to watch. 


This week’s topics to pray over:

  •  That even if the economic changes persist, God’s people will continue to experience victorious living
  • That as God leads, we will look to Him as our Source above all that is said or heard around us.

This week’s prayer of agreement:

Heavenly Father, as we look at the signs of the times, many of those signs point to the possibility of a major correction in the world’s economic markets. If that happens, it will be a significant event—but as Your people, we refuse to let changing times shake us! Instead, we choose to look to You as our Source. When Peter, James and John went fishing, they caught nothing…but Jesus knew how to help them. He gave them clear direction, and they were obedient. They trusted Him as their Source—and prospered because of it! We’ll do the same.


Holy Spirit, we trust You to lead us in the uncertain times ahead. As Spirit-filled believers, we decide today to not participate in any recession. We trust in You instead. Holy Spirit, create rich opportunities for Your people. Illuminate what we each need to do with the gifts and talents You have given us. Give Your people creative and witty inventions that are insulated from the world’s system.


We will not give into fear. We have sound minds for the days ahead. We humbly ask for Your wisdom as we stay informed in the spirit of faith. We know that everything that happens still happens under Your grace and Your goodness. No matter what the world around us looks like, we lean into Your faithfulness. You always come through! Amen!


Scripture references:

Luke 5:1-10, 21:36; 2 Timothy 1:7, 3:1-4; Psalms 23:1, 91:4, 136:1-3; Romans 8:14; 1 Peter 4:10; Proverbs 2:6, 8:12

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