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A Thanksgiving note for you

Last Thursday’s discussion with Lance Wallnau and Jonathan Cahn was jampacked. I encourage you to catch up if you’ve not had the opportunity to watch it yet.

It’s Thanksgiving Week!


In the wake of months of turbulence and division in this nation, what better week than that of Thanksgiving to take a breath, pause and reflect on just how blessed we are to live in this great nation. No, it is not perfect. However, we are blessed to live in a country founded upon Judeo-Christian principles, steeped in biblical foundations—the most generous, prosperous and free nation in the world. We will continue to fight for those truths, but let’s take this week to remember.  


Tonight, Lance Wallnau and Hank Kunneman will be joining me on the program. 

On Thursday, I’ll be speaking with John Graves and Rick Green, and we’ll share special messages from Dutch Sheets and others. 

John Graves and Rick Green

This week I’ll be talking about a myriad of subjects surrounding this nation and the latest in the news. I will also be sharing an interview with Dale Armstrong, the founder of the Armada Network as well as international trustee of the American Pastors Network. We’ll talk about what his organization is doing to help confront the challenges Ukraine faces. 


For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them. Matthew 18:20

This week’s topic to pray over:

That the next generation will rise and take their place as the Revival Generation, for they are the future of our nation.


This week’s prayer of agreement:

Our eyes are focused on this next generation. Get ahold of the youth today, Lord, and get them engaged. Give us, the Body of Christ, the wisdom to train up our children in the way they should go, so they will not depart from it. Let those with a biblical worldview pass on the understanding of our covenant with God, the love of our country, and the rules of democracy. Between abortion and suicide, it’s clear that the devil is working overtime to attack this generation, but he’s not going to win. This next generation is the Revival Generation. They are going to make history! 


Scripture references:  Isaiah 54:17; Psalm 71:18, 78:4-6; Proverbs 22:6; Deuteronomy 6:7


BONUS CONTENT: In the prayer points download this week, I’ve included a list of scriptures to be prayed for an awakening to God. 


Our producer, Jason Smith, had the opportunity to interview Concerned Women for America founder, Penny Nance. We were able to share a portion of it on the program, but I wanted you to have access to the interview in its entirety. Nance talks about issues that are relevant to us now and need attention. Enjoy!


For this advent season, Kenneth Copeland Ministries has put together an around-the-world cooking adventure to celebrate the tastes and traditions of Christmas from across the globe. Take a peek and join in. It all starts Nov. 27.

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