July 11, 2023

FlashPoint Army Email

We must be the light: this week on FlashPoint


Are you ready to tune in tonight and hear Lance Wallnau, Jesse Duplantis, Rick Green, Rep. Lauren Boebert and I discuss the latest news and headlines?  There is much to discuss! I have plans to talk about the latest on the White House cocaine scandal, the media attacks on Sound of Freedom and possibly how the 2024 polling numbers are looking. When Rep. Lauren Boebert joins in, she’ll share the latest on the criminal investigation into the Biden family, and the whistleblower who is now being charged by the DOJ. 


In all of this—smoke and mirrors—we must remember that the light will always expose the darkness!


Tuesday on FlashPoint

The United States of America—we all know how special it is. What an honor it was broadcasting on Independence Day, talking about the faith of our Founding Fathers, what they did, and what we can learn from it today.

Tuesday on FlashPoint

Great news—Sound of Freedom was No. 1 on July 4! God is moving and bringing to light the situation at our border. We are so thankful for all of you who played a part in making that happen…the Lord is using this film to shine a light into that darkness. We talked about that and the recent Supreme Court wins. In short, there is lots of WINNING GOING ON!



Yes, I say it all the time about the power of coming together for one of our events. So, here’s what a recent attendee of a FlashPoint LIVE had to say: 

“It was awesome, phenomenal and enlightening, I laughed, cried and felt God. It was amazing to see that many people praising God and praying for our country together. I would go to another FlashPoint LIVE 1000%…. Everyone at FlashPoint encourages me and gives me hope for our country and the future. I’m proud to be part of the FlashPoint Army. I’m looking forward to being together again.”

So, if you have not yet made your plans, yet, JOIN US in Fort Worth for a special one-day FlashPoint LIVE in our hometown! Get all the details on our website and register today!


Topics to pray over:

  • That the American Church, the Body of Christ, awakens to His call
  • That we operate in love and boldness, sharing God’s Word and showing people everywhere the path to true freedom.


Heavenly Father, we rejoice because You are doing GREAT THINGS in our nation. We see people rising up, against the odds, and standing for Truth. We see people rejecting entertainment with extreme agendas. We see people taking a stand for morality, even at the risk of standing alone.


But as Your children, we are not alone. Lord, awaken Your Church. Awaken the Body of Christ and help Your people to find their voices. Just as You did in the Book of Acts, give us boldness and give us courage to stand up against the forces of darkness, those spiritual powers that would try to put their claws in this great land of ours.


We bind the work of the enemy and we pray that angels would minister to the people of God. Speak to them in visions and dreams. Convict them to share Your Truth above all else—for Your Word is living and active, sharper than a double-edged sword, piercing to the core…but it’s also the only way to true freedom. We pray the American people would know Your Truth and that the Truth would set them FREE!


We agree and take a stand by faith today—together—knowing that Jesus is here with us, in our midst. Victory is here! Amen!


Scripture references:

Galatians 5:1; 1 Corinthians 15:57, 16:13; Isaiah 41:10; Romans 13:11; Ephesians 5:14, 6:12; Acts 2:17, 28:31; Joshua 1:9; Matthew 16:19, 18:20; Hebrews 1:14, 4:12; John 8:32

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