FlashPoint Army Email Sept. 5, 2023

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We are back at it tonight for a special edition of FlashPoint with Pastor George Pearsons, Hank Kunneman, Lance Wallnau, Rick Green and Coach Joe Kennedy. 


This past weekend, Coach Kennedy finally returned to the field as a coach at Bremerton High School after a long, hard-fought legal battle protecting his right of free speech. We will hear the latest. 


And following FlashPoint tonight, we are excited to introduce the newest VICTORY Channel Original: Inside the Vision with Pastor George Pearsons. He will be taking us inside the vision—past, present and future—of this ministry, and help us all to identify and walk in the visions that God has placed in our hearts. 


That and much more tonight beginning at 8/7C on VICTORY!

Tuesday on FlashPoint

The world is saying, “Uh oh, COVID is back.” But we approach things in the spirit of faith…which means there’s NO FEAR HERE! On Tuesday, we talked extensively with Dr. Peter McCullough about the virus, what’s true and what’s misleading, and how to best navigate this coming season. This is a program you DEFINITELY want to share as it’s FILLED with great information, including how you can detox from the vaccine.


Hank Kunneman, Lance Wallnau, Rick Green and David Harris Jr. also joined me to break down the topics in the news including Trump’s trials—

and how the latest trial was clearly scheduled to disrupt the election cycle.

Watch Tuesday's Episode

If you’d like to dive deeper into the research discussed on Tuesday’s program, visit the America Out Loud News website!

FlashPoint LIVE Fort Worth

On Thursday, we talked about discerning the times we live in and how we can be a light to the world! Samuel Rodriguez, Kylie Jean Tannehill, Luke Ball and newcomer-to-FlashPoint Brandon Tatum joined me as we asked:

  • Should Biden be impeached for corruption?
  • Is there really a conspiracy to stop Trump from running for president?
  • Are aging politicians a risk to our country?
  • Is Governor Sanders right or wrong to issue a definitive statement on COVID mandates for Arkansas?

Thank you again for sharing these programs on social media and by email. When you do, you’re helping us reach the world through every available voice!

Watch Thursday's Episode


Topics to pray over:

  • That the Body of Christ has NO FEAR about a new COVID variant
  • That we stand in faith and be a voice of reason to the world during these times.


Father God, people captured by this world’s system look at the future and see nothing but fear. Without hope, they worry and tie themselves in knots, scared that only destruction will come. But we’re Your children, the Body of Christ, the FlashPoint Army—and we see things through the spirit of faith! Lord, Your Word is clear: You have NOT given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and self-control. Your perfect love casts out fear. You have delivered us!


Because we trust in You, Lord, we are safe—safe to approach the coming days with wisdom and clear minds, and Your Word above all else. It stands forever! Help us to discern right reports from wrong reports when it comes to COVID and the election news, to “test the spirits” and hold fast to only what is good.


Furthermore, Father, we don’t want to keep Your Truth to ourselves. Give us the courage to be a light to the world, allowing them to see the solid foundation You have set for us; a foundation of peace. Let them see that unlike the pundits on the news, our hearts are not troubled. We are not afraid. We put our trust in You.


In Jesus’ Name. Amen!


Scripture references:

2 Timothy 1:7; 1 John 4:1, 18; Psalm 34:4; Proverbs 19:20, 29:25; Isaiah 40:8; 1 Thessalonians 5:21; Matthew 5:14-16; John 14:27

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