FlashPoint Army Email Sept. 19, 2023

Live in the Big South this week!

Last Week on FlashPoint

Lasts Tuesday on FlashPoint: Government Injustice and Real Hope



Last Tuesday’s broadcast was jampacked. Kash Patel, retired Lt. Col. Allen West, Pastor Hank Kunneman, Dr. Peter McCullough and John Cooper were all on deck for discussion. Patel shared about his new book, Government Gangsters, including critical insight into how the “deep state” can be stopped once and for all. 


A number of questions were addressed and pondered:

  • Did Democratic candidate RFK Jr. really just call out the DNC on rigged primaries?
  • With Trump’s decisive lead, is this destined to be 2016 and 2020 all over again?
  • And why did the White House staff abruptly shut down a press conference…with lounge music?
  • Should we be concerned about the latest strain of COVID?

I was also blessed to speak with Hank Kunneman and John Cooper of Skillet as we celebrated the notable life of Mylon LeFevre. 

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FlashPoint LIVE Omaha

Thursday night was FlashPoint LIVE Omaha! During the event, Hank Kunneman, Dutch Sheets, Rick Green, Mike Lindell, Tony Suarez and Jesse Duplantis joined us for insightful panel discussion on the current political landscape. From everyone’s quick takes to deeper insights you’ll want to ponder, we discussed the 2024 election, Biden, COVID, transgenderism and so much more. Plus, see why Tony Suarez says the American Church needs to stop tolerating sin in the name of love…and more!


If you didn’t catch us live Thursday night, be sure to watch now!

Watch FlashPoint LIVE Omaha

What’s Going On This Week?

This is a special week at VICTORY Channel, and I wanted to talk to you a bit about where I will be and why. Watch this video and hear all about it.


Tune in each night this week as I travel with VICTORY Channel On The Road. We will begin each night at 7 ET/ 6 CT, visiting with people, talking with guests like Luke Ball, Rick Green, Tony Suarez and others. It’s a celebration of all things VICTORY: a little bit rally, a little bit ministry, a little bit FlashPoint, and a LOT OF FUN!


Topics to pray over:

  • That God’s prophetic word be fulfilled, and revival sweeps across this land
  • That America fulfills its calling of being a light of the gospel to the world.


At FlashPoint LIVE! in Omaha this last week, Dutch Sheets prayed a powerful, prophetic prayer for our nation. Join in agreement with this portion today:


Lord, we stand before You as Your people, in agreement with You. We’re not trying to convince You to do something You don’t want to do…. Lord, You have said, “I am coming to this nation to save.” You’ve given prophetic words. You said something new is coming. So now we call forth the fires of revival all across this nation. We call forth the wind of Your Spirit. We call forth the Spirit of revelation to come upon people to open their eyes, to see their great need.


You are coming to rescue them. Revival is coming in one powerful outpouring of Your Spirit. Signs and wonders are coming. The spirit of deliverance is coming. An awakening is coming. Scales are falling off eyes. Prodigals are coming home. Lukewarm preachers are going to be filled with Your Spirit and be on fire!


Save this nation so that You can use us once again as a light to the nations of the earth. We decree over America right now: “America shall be saved.” America shall be reborn. America shall be restored and reset. The fires will burn again in our nation. The covenant that was made with You at Cape Henry is alive and well. We won’t stop talking about it, praying about it, and obeying You. America shall be saved!


We stand for breakthroughs for our families, our businesses, our churches and our nation. We stand because we know You are faithful and Your Word stands forever. Amen!


And as the FlashPoint Army, we thank You that You have a vision for America. Though times may seem dark, we rejoice that darkness is being exposed so Your Truth can prevail. We will not grow weary of standing in faith for our great country. We proclaim it together: “Jesus is Lord over the United States of America!” In Jesus’ Name. Amen!


Scripture references:

Matthew 3:11, 5:16, 16:17, 18:19; John 6:44; Psalms 3:8, 50:15, 107:28; Acts 2:2, 28:28; Luke 15; 2 Chronicles 7:14; Deuteronomy 7:9


FlashPoint LIVE Minneapolis

Two nights in the Twin Cities—Oct. 5 & 6—as we continue to equip the FlashPoint Army with the tools and information necessary to see this great nation saved at FlashPoint LIVE!

FlashPoint LIVE Pasadena

Our final event for 2023 brings us to the West Coast. Join me and these other leaders in Pasadena, Calif. for the closeout of the Truth and Freedom Tour on Nov. 30 & Dec. 1!


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