FlashPoint Army Email Oct. 3, 2023

Who is running this country?


Tonight, Hank Kunneman, Rick Green, Eric Metaxas, Mark Burns and I will get down to business on the latest news. 

And don’t forget—on Thursday, we will be in Minneapolis for FlashPoint LIVE! 


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Revival Radio TV

You may not know, but prior to being the host of FlashPoint, I was known by my other moniker, Revival Man. I want to share with you a recent episode of my program Revival Radio TV. It delves into the values of the French Revolution as opposed to the American Revolution, and its relevance to today’s left and right. I think you will find it very interesting!



September 26 FlashPoint

What a great set of programs we had last week. On Tuesday night, Lance Wallnau, Rick Green and I jumped right into the latest news.

  • Does Donald Trump really have THAT strong of a lead with GOP voters? (Yes!)
  • How much is the economy hurting Biden’s re-election hopes? (A lot!)
  • And is the border really closed like the media says? (No!)

Finally, we meet with Rocky Malloy, CEO of the National School Chaplain Association, and his wife Joske, and he has GOOD NEWS: Prayer is being allowed back in schools. If you. missed this, catch up now!



September 26 FlashPoint

Then on Thursday, Lance Wallnau, Jesse Duplantis and Luke Ball joined us as we talked about: 

  • How the “media spin” is in full swing—and why that’s very dangerous right now.
  • A judge ruled that Trump committed fraud…but what really happened?
  • And this just in: Proof that $250,000 was wired from China to Joe Biden’s home address during the last campaign. See the details on this episode:

Also, Mike Lindell joined us for an important update on who is trying to shut down his business and why he thinks it is happening.



“For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them.”  — Matthew 18:20


Topics to pray over:

  • That our government leaders live lives of integrity, both publicly and privately
  • That integrity is the driving force behind all our  leaders’ actions and decisions.


Heavenly Father, today we lift up our leaders—those who are in authority over us—as Your Word instructs us to do. We pray James 1:5 over them today, asking on their behalf, that they would receive wisdom from You, our generous and giving Father. 


We pray that the actions and decisions from our leaders would reflect the truth of Your Word. In a world filled with corruption, we pray for Your protection as they take a stand for what’s right. We pray the fruit of the spirit be evident in their lives, both in public and in private. Let love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control rule above all!


Give our leaders discernment, Lord, to determine right from wrong. As temptation to compromise arises, give them the strength to resist through the power of Your Word.


Micah 6:8 states, “O people, the Lord has told you what is good, and this is what he requires of you: to do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.” Give our leaders courage to live that verse today, Lord, and to seek humbleness with You. As You have granted them powerful and privileged positions, give them all they need to fulfill their calling.


We stand for our leaders in FAITH, believing the BEST of them as they grow to find and know You more and more each day. In the mighty Name of Jesus we pray. Amen!


Scripture references:

1 Timothy 2:1-2; Ephesians 6:12; John 16:13; Psalm 78:72; Galatians 5:22-23; Hebrews 5:14; James 4:7; Micah 6:8; Daniel 2:21; Philippians 4:19, Romans 1:17

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