FlashPoint Army Email Oct. 17, 2023

Hearing from evacuees and more tonight on FlashPoint


So much has happened in our nation in the 10 days since we were in Minneapolis for FlashPoint LIVE. I really believe that when we all came together in unity over Minnesota and our nation, the enemy took a direct hit. This is just one reason why I believe our gatherings are so important!


The war in Israel and the atrocities we’re seeing play out on our social media feeds are absolutely staggering. Let me take this time to remind you that we all must remain in faith and not cower to fear. It doesn’t mean that we’re not wise in our travel plans and in our everyday lives… but we don’t cater to fear.


FlashPoint is here to bring you the truth every week, but we don’t want you to be in fear about Hamas or anything else.

No Fear Here Book

I want to give you something to help remind you that you we have been given all we need to be victorious over fear. 


Pastor George Pearson’s book No Fear Here is a short, powerful resource that we want you to have as a free download.

Download Now


We have a great program for you tonight! I’ll be joined by Lance Wallnau, Kari Lake, EJ Kimball, Josh Colson and Caleb Colson. 


I look forward to talking with Kari Lake about the renewed interest in our southern border, and how it connects to the events taking place in Israel. 


Lance will join us from Vienna to talk about the latest out of Israel. I also want to discuss with him the role Iran is playing in what is currently transpiring in the Middle East.


Josh Colson and Caleb Colson will share their story of how Florida Rep. Cory Mills helped them get out of Israel even as our own government was late to jump in and help.


Finally, foreign policy and national security consultant EJ Kimball will join the program to offer insight into the role the intelligence community plays in the broadening Israeli conflict.


All this and more—be sure to tune in tonight!


Last Tuesday followed our special report on Israel that we aired Monday, Oct. 9. If you’ve not watched that yet, you can see it here


Tuesday we continued coverage on Israel, this time hearing from Dutch Sheets, Lara Trump, Rick Green and Ben Bergquam. Dutch specifically encouraged us on how to handle this issue in our prayer life. It’s a must-watch. Bottom line: Change is coming!

Watch Tuesday
Thursday on FlashPoint

On Thursday, we covered several domestic issues. I was joined by Emerald Robinson, Luke Ball, David Barton and Erick Stakelbeck. We asked:

  • Who will become the new Speaker of the House? If Jim Jordan is on the ballot, can he win?
  • Why are U.S. students protesting the attacks on Israel with a pro-Palestine stance?
  • Is Glenn Beck right about the historical context he gave to the Hamas attack?

Plus: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. just announced he will run for president as an independent. How does this affect each political party? Will he really “spoil it for both of them”?

Watch Thursday


“For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them.”  — Matthew 18:20


Topics to pray over:

  • For the peace of Jerusalem
  • That Israel’s political parties unite and stand against evil.


This week we agree with Michele Bachmann, Dean of the Robertson School of Government at Regent University, as she prayed on our recent FlashPoint Israel special:


Father, we agree with Your Word. We agree with Psalm 122 and we pray for the peace of Jerusalem. We pray, God, for the peace of Israel and for the Jewish people. We pray for those who have specifically and personally experienced trauma. We lift them up to You and we ask for Your grace and Your mercy, and for Your gentle hand.


We ask, Lord, that You take Your hand of blessing—in the midst of this carnage—and bring blessing. Lord, we ask, would You take Your other hand and bring favor on this nation? They’ve been absolutely ravaged in a way that is unimaginable. But Lord, with Your hand of blessing and with Your other hand of favor, no other nation or man can bring evil against them.


You are Jehovah Magen, their “shield.” So we pray Jehovah Magen over the Jewish people and over the land of Israel. We pray Jehovah Magen over the IDF forces as they’re making their preparations.… Lord, be Jehovah Magen over Benjamin Netanyahu, and in the entire government.… In this moment, would You bring concentrated unity among the government so that they will be a house united and stand against evil? Father with You, that is enough…


Finally, Lord, please extract the hostages without harm! Would You extract the evil that is intended yet to come? Lord, we thank You that You hear our prayer. In Jesus’ Name. Amen!


Scripture references:

Psalms 3:4, 5:12, 28:7, 82:3-4, 84:11, 122, 133:1, 139:5; Hebrews 4:16; Isaiah 54:17; Proverbs 30:5; Ephesians 6:13; 2 Corinthians 12:9


As I mentioned at the top of this email, these gatherings are so important. We need each other. The FlashPoint LIVE team will be closing out the Truth and Freedom tour in Pasadena, Calif., on Nov. 30 & Dec. 1. If you live anywhere near the West Coast, I encourage you to join us! Bring everyone you know. We are putting stake in the ground in California. Kunneman, Sheets, Green, Kirk, Amanchukwu, Johnson, Metaxas and Lindell—WOW!

All of us at FlashPoint and VICTORY Channel so appreciate you tuning in each week, your engaging in prayer and your support. Together, we are taking our stand and doing our part to create the needed change in our communities and nation. Together, we will see America saved!


Remember: stay in faith and continue to pray for the peace of Israel.

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