FlashPoint Army Email Nov. 7, 2023

Have you voted today? Tonight on FlashPoint…


The first Tuesday of November is such an important day in our nation. I look forward to being joined by Hank Kunneman, Lance Wallnau and Rick Green as we tackle today’s topics. Up for discussion on the program tonight will be:

  • The newly released report from the House Judiciary Committee on coordinated censorship between the government and social media outlets against conservative voices
  • The troubling picture of indoctrination illustrated by the pages of the Covenant School shooter’s manifesto, finally leaked to conservative media outlets
  • And the latest election results from around the country.

Reminder: Thursday, Nov. 9, FlashPoint airs one hour early at 7 ET/6 CT.


Tuesday on FlashPoint

While most people see Oct. 31 as Halloween, we raised the banner that last Tuesday was REFORMATION DAY!  Hank Kunneman, Lance Wallnau and Rick Green joined me on the program as we broke down what reformation is and how it changes institutions—even today. It’s a revival of not only people, but also the way our government, schools and churches operate. Praise God for reformation!


Then we looked at current events including:

  • Netanyahu addressing the possibility of a cease-fire
  • Putin taking sides on the Middle East wars
  • Pro-Palestinian protests happening everywhere.

Plus…Dr. Ted Baehr stopped by to talk about why it’s so important for our children to be media literate and how his book, The Media-wise Family, can help your family navigate what’s happening in entertainment. 

Watch Tuesday

Thursday on FlashPoint

On Thursday, we prayed for the prodigals in our lives—those family members who have known the Lord, but moved away from His presence. If you have someone you love who is on the wrong track, be sure to watch and agree with us in prayer.


Guests Luke Ball, Kylie Jean Tannehill and Drenda Keesee were with me. Together we talked about attacks happening right in our own country—attacks on our values and our kids. 


Plus, Coach Joe Kennedy joined me again and discussed why it’s important to remain faithful to your convictions—even when the whole world seems to be against you.

Watch Thursday


Did you vote today? I did! If you have not, there’s still time!


Now more than ever, I relish the opportunity—and the responsibility—to vote in our elections, be it at the local, state or federal level.


Have we, as a society, become numb to the enormity of the blessings we have, living in these United States? When it comes to you and the entire FlashPoint Army, I know that is not true! I believe we understand the power inherent in our vote, and the responsibility each of us has to become informed and to take the time to cast our ballots. It is critical that we take the time to educate and empower our children and those within our sphere of influence to get educated and vote!


Some will say that, due to their doubts about election integrity, what’s the point? To that I remind you that if each one of us who ascribes to Christian values votes the Bible, no amount of election interference can win. But we must do our part. 


For information about what is on the ballot in your area, you can visit My Faith Votes here.


“For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them.”  — Matthew 18:20


Topics to pray over:

  • That God divinely intervenes in the situation in the Middle East
  • That the Lord restrains the nations and brings peace and deliverance into these difficult situations.

Let’s agree in prayer over what Hank Kunneman prayed last week:

“Heavenly Father, we’re asking for Your divine intervention to break up any satanic gathering and coordinating that would bring the nations in the Middle East to battle. Holy Spirit, You are the restraining force in the earth. The Scripture says You are able to restrain the Antichrist and the Antichrist spirit. So, Spirit of Truth, we pray for Your restraint to come now against that which the enemy would seek to do, where he would seek to steal, to kill or to destroy. Preempt any plans of the enemy that would bring bloodshed across the earth.


“God, we are asking according to Psalm 121 that You, the God who doesn’t sleep, would bring about a preservation. Bring protection in the earth among those nations. Keep them from moving forward with hatred, with evil and with acts of war. Restrain them—and bring peace.


“God, bring a preservation that only You can bring—a preservation that is not by our might, but it’s by You, the spirit of the living God. We trust You, and we, the remnant, the FlashPoint Army, cry out. We ask You to move divinely and bring deliverance, as You did in the days of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Bring deliverance as You did when You closed the mouths of the lions with Daniel. In those accounts, there was an intervention of God that superseded the expectation and outcome of man. We are asking You, God, to move now by Your Spirit and by Your glory in only a way that You can do. And may You receive the honor, in Jesus’ Name. Amen!”


Scripture references:

Psalms 22:28, 121, 122:6; Revelation 13; John 10:10; Romans 12:19; Job 42:2; Zechariah 4:6; 2 Samuel 22:2; Daniel 3, 6


Will you join me and this powerhouse list of guests for our final FlashPoint LIVE Pasadena? We are closing out 2023 at Harvest Rock Church, hosted by Senior Pastor Ché Ahn, and look forward to uniting with patriots from all over as we put our stake in the ground for Southern California and the entire West Coast. 


Join me, Hank Kunneman, Pastor Che Ahn, Rick Green, Charlie Kirk, John Amanchukwu, Abby Johnson, Eric Metaxas and Mike Lindell for this two-day event beginning on Thursday, Nov. 30.


Learn more and register today! As always, these events are free…so make your plans now.

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