FlashPoint Army Email March 11, 2024

I'm BACK! Tonight with Kunneman, Duplantis & Suarez!

I’m back, tonight!


We start this week out with a power trio: Hank Kunneman, Jesse Duplantis and Tony Suarez will be with me tonight as we break down and discuss the latest news. Up for discussion will be the following:

  • Last week’s State of the Union and the combativeness of the current administration
  • Pushback on Pastor Jack Hibbs’ recent prayer in Congress and how it highlights the continued media assault on Christianity
  • What is currently happening in Haiti and why it so relevant in an age of open borders.

All this and more tonight on FlashPoint, where you will hear truth and be filled with hope, because we know in whom we believe! 



The War on Children

Last Thursday, Lara Logan, Pastor Rob McCoy and Mark Meckler joined guest host Lance Wallnau for an explosive FlashPoint broadcast in my absence. Insights into Super Tuesday, the State of the Union and Lara Logan’s Jan. 6 documentary were covered.


Producer Jason had this to share about the Logan documentary: The intimate, human stories of January 6 often get buried beneath the politics and soundbites emanating from the constant media machine. Lara once again put the people front and center in the narrative—people whose families will be forever impacted by what happened (and didn’t happen) on that fateful day. For the full episode, click here.

Watch Clip Now!


In light of the current election season, and the recognition that spiritual change is what this country needs, we are sharing Pastor Hank Kunneman‘s prayer from the Tuesday, March 5 episode of the program. It is on drawing near to the Lord and binding the thief.



Lord, we come right now to the highest court of all—the Supreme Court of the court of heaven, where you, God, sit as the righteous Judge of all…our Eternal Advocate.


Therefore, as we come before the throne of grace, we are declaring grace over this country; Your mercy shall come and triumph, we pray. We pray over judgement…we pray that You would judge those who have perpetrated evil—even touching the children—that You would shatter the teeth of the wicked according to Psalm 58, where they will not have a bite on this generation…they will not be allowed to steal, kill or destroy because of the power of your Holy Spirit that brings restraint.


We remind You that You have established Your throne in justice. We remind You that You love righteousness and justice. We remind You that righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne. Therefore, according to Psalm 103, execute Your righteousness, execute Your justice, for those who have gone through a harsh season and been oppressed.


Unify our nation. We draw near to You, God, and we cause our hearts to be right before You that You would move by the power of Your hand. Lastly, we ask You that, as we turn from our wicked ways, we thank You for hearing from heaven, intervening and acting now that brings victory after victory after victory; destroying the power, influence and agenda of the evil one. They will not have their say, nor their day; justice has come and the people shall be VICTORIOUS. You shall receive your honor. May Yahweh be exalted.


FlashPoint LIVE Tulsa

There are still general admission tickets available for our next FlashPoint LIVE coming up at Marriott Southern Hills in Tulsa, Okla! This smaller venue will provide the backdrop for two powerful nights and one day chock-full of information, encouragement and equipping as we put our FAITH into ACTION and press forward for change that aligns with our biblical and constitutional values. 


Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we open up more FlashPoint LIVE events for registration! With one-day and two-day paid and free events, there will be something for everyone!

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