FlashPoint Army Email Jan. 29, 2024

There's so much to be hopeful for!
Gene Bailey: My Thoughts



Today I’m honored to be sitting in meetings with former ambassador Friedman, who we’ve had as a guest on FlashPoint. Friedman served as U.S. Ambassador to Israel during the Trump administration, and played a critical role in both the movement of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and in the historic Abraham Accords.

This past weekend, Friedman spoke at Eagle Mountain International Church. Something he shared really served as a reminder to me of how the Word of God is TRUTH and how we can STAND ON IT! He talked about the biblical explanation of how our nation experienced NO NEW WARS under Trump following the movement of our embassy to Jerusalem.  To hear his whole message, you can visit the church’s website here. 


Tonight, you’ll get to hear a little more from Friedman on FlashPoint! 

Tonight’s program welcomes some of your favorites and mine: Hank Kunneman, Jesse Duplantis and Rick Green, as well as Brilyn Hollyhand. You may not know Brilyn, but you need to! At just 17 years, he is a political strategist and commentator, and founder of The Truth Gazette, a conservative news service he started when he was just 11 years old! That gives me such hope for our nation’s future.


We’ll talk verdicts from the past week, increased attacks on U.S. soldiers overseas, today’s news and more tonight on the program.


On Tuesday, Lance Wallnau will be guest hosting for me, with Hank Kunneman, Rick Green and Floyd Brown joining him. It all starts at 8/7C!


SO MANY OF YOU HAVE ACCEPTED THE CALL…and we look forward to seeing you NEXT week in Colorado for the first stop on the Rescue America Tour! Hank Kunneman, Lance Wallnau, Andrew Wommack, Rick Green, Luke Ball, Kylie Jean Tannehill and Mike Lindell will be on deck for discussion, teaching and encouragement. 


The event is completely free, but registration is required. Check out our website, learn more and register today!



A clip from last Thursday's episode of FlashPoint

Last Thursday’s show with Rick Green, Luke Ball, Kash Patel and Silk from Diamond and Silk was fiery! Catch this clip of Patel and I discussing collusion on social media censorship as well as the border standoff. Catch this clip on Youtube, or you can watch the whole episode here

Watch This Clip!


“For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them.”—Matthew 18:20


Topics to pray over:

  • That God’s righteousness continues to be established as corruption in government is exposed
  • That restoration takes place and godly people are placed in positions of authority.


Heavenly Father, as we hear stories of people in our government not following Your righteous ways, we pray Your kingdom come and Your will be done right here on earth, just as it is in heaven.


Satan is the one who comes to steal, kill and destroy. He knows that corruption can hinder our country from moving forward and keep it from being prosperous. Therefore, we ask for Your divine intervention. We pray that the works of darkness would be exposed and silenced so that Your abundant life may once again fill our nation! Manifest anything that is hidden and bring to light anything that is being kept in secret. Bring the works of the enemy to naught!


And, Lord, as unrighteous people are removed from office, we pray that righteous leaders, people who yearn for Your ways, fill those seats. We pray for leaders who seek You when decisions must be made. The righteous are our representatives. For when the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice!


Finally, God, bring peace to Your people. You know the end from the beginning; and we’re comforted to know that You have America under Your wings. We pray that You take this nation that is Yours and bring revival in this time. We declare it together again with one voice: “America shall be saved!”


Scripture references:

Matthew 6:10; John 3:20, 10:10; Psalms 85:6, 91:4, 143:12; Proverbs 14:34, 29:22; Luke 8:17; Isaiah 46:10, 49:16; 2 Thessalonians 3:16


Corporate Fast

Will you come alongside thousands of like-minded patriots and believers as we enter a time of corporate fast Feb. 5-25? Together, we will humble ourselves and seek the Lord for an awakening, for revival, for this nation and for our own lives. History stands testament to how national prayer and fasting changes things, and I can’t encourage you enough! Click here or the image above to learn more about the fast, and make a decision to join us! 

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