FlashPoint Army Email August 22, 2023

Time for a RESET—tune in to FlashPoint tonight!



I am so looking forward to having Hank Kunneman, Rick Green and Dutch Sheets on tonight, as well as first-time guest Tim Sheets (you guessed it—Dutch’s brother!)


Up for discussion will be Joe Biden’s trip to Maui, the latest election news, and reports of a new round of COVID-related mandates that may be on the horizon. 


Tim Sheets will expound on a recent prophecy he delivered, which speaks of a supernatural “Reset” in the fall. 


Tune in tonight at 8/7C, and be sure to share the program on all your social media outlets! 


Exclusive Interview with Rep. Nate Schatzline

I sat down one-on-one with Rep. Nate Schatzline to talk about what he sees as victories/losses, what we as the FlashPoint Army can do, what the Church needs to do, and more! This is a must-watch!

Exclusive Interview
Catch Tuesday's Episode

Less than two weeks ago, there were devastating fires all over Maui. We’re standing and believing with the people of Hawaii for complete restoration. As our hearts go out to them, we pray for God’s mercy and help to come through His people in this time of need. Dr. James Marocco, who had a church burn down, shares what happened and the miracles they’ve experienced.


There’s so much information being released about these fires that it’s difficult to know what’s true—so we cut through the smoke to see what’s really going on. We examined how President Biden and former President Trump have each responded, and Hank Kunneman shared prophetic words about what’s taking place in the spirit realm. 


Then TBN news director Erick Stakelbeck joins us to talk about the rise of artificial intelligence. How concerned should we be? And what does AI mean for the Church? 

Tuesday's Episode


Last Thursday's FlashPoint

On Thursday, we broadcast live directly from the Lindell Election Summit in Springfield, Mo. In addition to talking extensively with Lindell about the current status of the fight for election integrity, I joined together with Rick Green as we interviewed Lou Dobbs, Joe Hoft and Joe Oltmann. Make sure you catch Dobbs’ interesting perspective on mainstream news and new censorship efforts. More than anything, I took away such encouragement in that there is HOPE felt in every one of our states regarding the future of our elections!

Thursday's Episode


Topics to pray over:

  • That the people of Hawaii receive the help and resources they need from the Church during this difficult time
  • That they also receive inner strength and rise up in faith, knowing that God is their ever-present help in this time of need.


Today we agree with Dutch Sheets’ prayer on last Tuesday’s broadcast:


“Lord, we love the people of Maui and Lahaina. We are grateful that we are allowed to go there right now with our prayers. We love them and we know the suffering is beyond our ability to feel or experience with them…but we also know that You understand. You are touched with the feeling of our infirmities. You love the people of Hawaii and You want to turn this into good. You want to save people. You want to deliver people. You want to cause people to come together and to serve one another. You want to heal through this.


“So we send prayers of faith right now, that You will glorify Yourself through this. We know You will demonstrate love through this. And You will provide all the resources that are needed, not only to other organizations, but to the Church. As You move on the hearts of people all around the world, we will support with our money, gifts and our efforts.


“Lord, we speak the life of God—the resurrection life of God—over this island. We say the Hawaiian people will rise up in strength. They will rise up in faith. They will rise up in hope. They are strong people. They are resilient people, and that strength and resilience will be awakened in them right now. Lord, show Yourself strong for the people of Hawaii. They have experienced revival in the past and they will experience it again. We align ourselves together in faith for them now in the mighty Name of Jesus! Amen.”


Scripture references:

Ephesians 6:18; Hebrews 4:15; Romans 8:28; Isaiah 53:5; Galatians 6:2; Psalm 34:17-20; John 10:10, 11:25; Psalm 27:1; Joshua 1:9; Matthew 18:19-20

I shared last week just how important it is to find a reputable organization if you want to support the relief efforts going on in Hawaii. If you would like to support what VICTORY Channel and KCM are doing in providing aid and partnering with fully vetted charities that have boots on the ground, you can do so here! Thanks for all you are doing to pray and care for these people. 

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