February 14, 2023 Email

Get prepared and mobilize!

NOTE: This week, since the entire FlashPoint team is headed to Pensacola, we will only be sending you one email. We will get you caught up with a recap at the beginning of next week. 


I could not be more excited to meet with thousands of you in Pensacola in just a few days. When we asked Dutch Sheets to share the vision he had about youth and revival on the program just a few weeks ago, who knew that it would be merely weeks away to see, with joy, what is happening at Asbury University in Kentucky?  


We sent a team out to Wilmore, Asbury to see for ourselves what is happening, to talk to some students and to report back. We’ll be sharing this tonight on the program, but I wanted the FlashPoint Army to have it right away! 

With us about to be meeting at Brownsville Church in Pensacola, we are beside ourselves with anticipation for what the Lord has planned during the Truth and Freedom Tour! For the thousands of you who are joining us—get ready! For those of you who cannot make it to Florida, consider joining us at one of our other events. PLUS—we will be airing both Thursday and Friday nights on VICTORY Channel!


And, there is still time to register if you want to join us in Pensacola! 


For a little more inspiration, check out this post on Instagram where I sat down with producer Jason. Jason personally experienced the Brownsville Revival in 1998. We talked about what bringing FlashPoint to Brownsville means to him. 

FlashPoint LIVE Pensacola



We had a great meeting with Lance Wallnau, Rick Green, Pastor Hank Kunneman and Leigh Wambsganss last week, talking about the first-ever Flash Talks which we will be sharing during the Friday day sessions! Here’s just a glimpse into some of what we will be talking about and what our attendees will walk away with!

  • Ten steps we can take NOW to make a difference
  • How Christians need to be as smart as “Egypt” in understanding the times
  • The stair-step model and what the Cyrus presidency teaches us
  • Where we currently have the ADVANTAGE and how we need to continue to press in
  • What it means to move forward in prophetic unity
  • Building FlashPoint armies in YOUR community
  • How to flip your school board
  • And so much more!

Each attendee will walk away with a digital access pack of content from those sessions!


Topics to pray over: 

  • As we take a stance for holiness, that God would rise up in our defense.
  • That America will wake up and experience revival like never before…starting in Pensacola!

Prayer of agreement:

Every day, people put their trust in the things of this world—but not us. As the nations rage, we trust in the Name of the Lord our God! Heavenly Father, You are our Deliverer. We know that You, Lord, are in charge; not any nation, not any president or king, but You! May Your Glory come and transfigure our nation, our cities, our schools and even our churches. We are eager for Your intervention!


We pray Psalm 35 over America:

 O Lord, oppose those who oppose us. Fight those who fight against us. Let us hear You say, “I will give you victory!”


Wake up! Rise to our defense! Take up our case, our God and our Lord… Then we will proclaim Your justice, and we will praise You all day long.


In the Name of Jesus, we pray that You will shake America awake. Bring revival across this great nation. We call things that are not as though they were: We say America shall be saved! Right now in the spirit, we dig a well of revival, bringing God’s presence everywhere we go. As the FlashPoint Army descends on Florida, we pray that revival would start and spread like wildfire…because You, Lord, are in it. We call America to wake up!

Scripture references:

Psalm 20:7, Psalm 35:1-3, 23, 28, 46:6, 2 Samuel 2:22; Matthew 16:3; Isaiah 41:10; Galatians 1:4; Luke 21:36; Romans 4:17, 13:11; Genesis 26:18

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