Charles Capps Prophecy

At FlashPoint LIVE Omaha, Gene Bailey read this prophecy, which had been given to him by Annette Capps, daughter of the late Charles Capps. She strongly feels that this prophecy, given by Charles in 1980 in Minnesota, directly relates to FlashPoint and the FlashPoint Army.


“I am marshaling My forces and the politicians are seeing the handwriting on the wall.”

In days past it has been very unpopular in government circles to mention religious or Born Again experiences.  But in the day which you live it will be more popular to say, I’m Born Again,” than to speak against the God of all creation.

For you see, I’m raising up an army, and they’re beginning to stand up now.  They have sat on the sidelines in days past but I’m marshalling My forces saith the Lord.

And the Politicians are seeing the handwriting on the wall.  And the government and the things of the world shall be changed because the men who come into leadership shall be ordained of God, for My people are coming together.

Some would say, “Oh!  How will it ever be so? We’re so out-numbered.”

No you’re not! saith the Lord.  Because you see in the days to come as the world walks on in their own darkness their darkness shall grow darker and their understanding shall be dimmed.

Because they are approaching the kingdom of darkness and their darkness shall become gross darkness.  They’ll know not where to turn.  They’ll stumble and fall and they’ll not know at what they stumble.

But my people who are called by MY NAME who walk in the light of My Word, as they approach the end of time they’re coming closer to the kingdom of light.

Their light shall grow lighter. Their wisdom shall grow more profound.  They’ll be able to look and see all around.  They’ll see every obstacle, they’ll step to this side and they’ll step to that side.

They’ll be able to solve problems that no others have been able to solve.  And the world will say,  “Who are these who seem to know how to perform such miracles as we heard about in days past?”

They are mine! Saith the Lord.  My army that I am raising up, they’ll be involved in governments.  They’ll change multitudes.  For when the kings served other gods so did all Israel go astray.  So lift up your heads and REJOICE!  For that which is before you is YOUR CHOICE!  And I’ll move mightily to see that the choice is right, saith the Lord.  Lift up your heads and rejoice! For I’m doing a new thing in the earth!

Prophecy given by Charles Capps
July 11, 1980
Minneapolis, Minn.